Controversial NFTs make waves for debates!

Controversial NFTs make waves for debates!
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The controversy surrounding NFTs and their place in the world has left a lot of people arguing and debating, but one thing that seems to be popping up more often than not is, how should we regulate NFTs and Crypto?

What is the controversy surrounding NFTs and crypto?

While some argue whether crypto is feasible in the sense of some of being completely open and available for public viewing and scrutiny, others argue it’s security and functionality to produce currencies for the world that is not regulated on each individual country alone.

With all that, there seem to be more and more coins and NFTs popping up that cater to more profane, vulgar, and even pornographic audiences. Should these be regulated?

Some of the top controversial NFTs and cryptos

  1. 10K ways to say fuck you
  2. Crypto Dick Butts
  3. Crypto Prisoners
  4. Inferno Token
  5. HoneyX
Controversial NFTs make waves for debates!
10K ways to say FU

It’s clear to see why some of these NFTs can spark a debate over its regulations and what should and should not be allowed in the crypto space.

While very appealing to some, it seems the tokens and NFTs have some way to go before we can discuss the incorporation of it into the world of vulgarity and pornographic industry alike.

What are your thought and would you buy an NFT to send it to someone just to say FU?


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