The Blockchain Expo Europe Will Take Place In November

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The Blockchain Expo Europe Will Take Place In November
The Blockchain Expo Europe Will Take Place In November

As we head into November next week, we thought it was worth taking a look to see what we can expect at the Blockchain Expo Europe this year

The Blockchain Expo Europe 2020 will take place at the end of November, with virtual talks taking place for two days and live talks taking place in Amsterdam over a four-day period.

With a focus on new ways that blockchain is being used for industry, the Blockchain Expo 2020 will prove to be a must-see, owing to the developments of the industry over the last year as well as Covid meaning that the event will cater to virtual attendees.

The conference expects to host around 5,000 people, who will be able to see a range of talks from keynote speakers on topics such as Blockchain, IoT, Cyber Security & Cloud, AI and Big data.

Attending the event remotely is free, so register and request a ticket ahead of time by the 24th November.

Notable speakers include representatives from a number of well-established companies making moves to integrate blockchain with their business models, including: Shell, IBM, Santander, Bosch, Morgan Stanley, ING and more.

Day one of the virtual event will focus on blockchain for enterprise and day two will be about assets and crypto.

The second day will have talks that look at the future of digital assets: how the industry is growing, tokenization, the future of trading and potential future regulation we could see in Europe.

The Blockchain Expo Europe will be a fixed date in the calendar for many within the industry that want to gain insights into how it will look in the coming years to stay ahead of the game.

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