Diving into Capital X Cell Crypto CXC – Explained

crypto cxc blockchain explained

Diving into Capital X Cell Crypto CXC – Explained
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How is the crypto CXC different from other cryptocurrencies?

CXC blockchain aims to incorporate lower-level cross-chain applications and systems which utilize a consensus known as “poA mining” or “proof of Assignment mining“. This consensus is deemed suitable for smaller devices as well as pretty much any device you can connect to the IOT (Internet of things).
Each device is designed to confirm transactions using simple “assignments” to communicate back and forth to the network. This consensus is stipulated to be able to handle as many as 1 million transactions per second, although this has yet to be seen in practice.

CXC also brings a new way of atomic trading which will bring all the blockchains together for a more streamlined user experience by eliminating the need to constantly switch between main nets on wallets such as metamask, etc.

Diving into Capital X Cell Crypto CXC – Explained

The Deflationary Economic Model used by Crypto CXC

a look at what the blockchain Capital x cell or cxc bring to the blockchain space

A deflationary economic spiral is a downward value or price reaction to economic crises, leading to the devaluation of production, decrease in wages, lower demand, and more so, lower prices of the currency. Deflation occurs when overall prices decrease or lose their value, as opposed to inflation which is when overall price levels increase.

CXC has a built-in utility that allows it to work around the concepts of deflation and inflation in order to soften the blow on consumers or users of its blockchain. Meaning the likelihood of defaulting to any organization due to debt obligations is decreased, although this too has yet to be verified as a working model in practice.

Cloud Storage with Crypto CXC

Blockchain solutions for cloud storage have thus far majorly relied on applications such as Pinata and IPFS, which are third-party applications that help you decentralize and own your media such as images, videos, music, etc.
CXC blockchain hopes to incorporate these designs for NFTs and other means of sharing media directly into the functionality of the main net, meaning you would be able to simply upload and share media without getting complex code, or other third-party apps involved.


Anonymous social networking with Crypto CXC

One of the many questions asked around crypto and more so DAOs is how you as the consumer will be protected and not used as a product for larger corporations to buy data and sell data and spam you with advertising or other marketing strategies such as telemarketing, etc.

CXC wants to incorporate a form of “Anonymouty” when it comes to social media and media sharing. This will allow its users to be completely unknown to the public, meaning only the chain, you, and the people you inform will know it is you using the system to communicate or share data with them.

Thoughts on the blockchain and Crypto CXC

Overall CXC seems to have a good package going. With everything in crypto, it’s hard to identify if this project will succeed, however, this organization brings a lot of new ideas and ways to achieve simple tasks in the blockchain and DeFi space.

Within their early days, they seem to already be gaining traction and have a host of solutions to bring to the table. While it’s not known if this is the future of blockchains, it certainly will be interesting to see how their ideas change the way we think about what the blockchain experience can include.


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