Davos 2020 Day 1 | Garlinghouse Praises Mnuchin, Trump Talks ‘Changes’

Davos 2020 Day 1 Garlinghouse Praises Mnuchin Trump Talks
Davos 2020 Day 1 Garlinghouse Praises Mnuchin Trump Talks

Davos 2020 got off to a flying start with another lecture from schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who reminds us the world is on fire right now, never mind in 50 years’ time.

We also heard a labored speech from President Trump about planting trees to save the world, and who also reminded us how amazing the US is, again.

However, forget soundbites and media opportunities, today we were teased on the future financial system by Trump and Treasury Sec. Mnuchin. 

In the exact same hall, Brad Garlinghouse is due to be interviewed on Thursday, Treasury Sec. Mnuchin pledged extended support to companies developing DLT.

The Ripple CEO who is at Davos all week, was in the crowd when Sec. Mnuchin was asked about cryptocurrencies and took to Twitter to praise his stance.

Garlinghouse went on to say how critical this forward way of thinking is to the future of the entire crypto space.

The US welcomes responsible innovation including new technologies which may improve the efficiency of the financial system and expand access to financial services. This is intended to be a level playing field wether you are Moneygram or a Bank, online or Paypal, this intended to be a level playing field. There have been a lot of innovations for electronic payment systems. There has been lots of activity going on in the last year on this (DLT) and because of Libra and It’s announcement, people had to be made aware of what is going on.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin – China Trade Deal

President Trump took to the main stage for his eagerly awaited address and teased us with suggestions of amazing new technological developments.

Trump made no direct mention of Ripple or XRP but expressed his excitement for developments that people ‘would not believe, that many thought impossible’.

To the untrained eye this could just be bluster and showmanship, to us at XRPN this is talk of RippleNet, XRP, ODL and the radicle changes it will bring.

We are continuing to work on things that you will be hearing about in the near future that even today, sat here today you wouldn’t believe it’s possible but we have found the answers. You will be hearing about it but we have found answers to things people said would not be possible certainly not in a very period of time. The wonders of the last century will pale in comparison to what today’s innovators are going to achieve because they are doing things nobody thought even feasible to begin. We continue to embrace technology, not to shun it, when people are free to innovate millions will lead longer happier, healthier lives

President Trump – Davos 2020

Unfortunately, as always, we hear the world’s most powerful financial and political leaders discuss a new financial system that sounds eerily like XRP and RippleNet.

And as always these leaders refrain from naming the technology explicitly, but as Mr. Trump said ‘changes are coming in the near future…’

Brad Garlinghouse is also to be interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on the very same stage as Secretary Mnuchin was today, on Thursday this week.

Also that day, Lagarde will announce a new financial policy for the EU, we do not expect any major Ripple announcements but you just never know…

You can keep track and follow the World Economic Forum yourself with the Davos app, just type Davos X into your App store.

Also in the exciting news department check out the central banks meeting to discuss and develop digital currencies… 

And finally, check out the Davos App launch page – rather interesting choice of logo, wouldn’t you say?!

davos 2020 app screenshot

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